My Solution to Large Wrist & Small Bracelets?
I use Japanese parts, JAPANESE PARTS!!!
Posted By: Chuck Maddox USA!
on: 23 September 2001, 09:41 GMT,
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Do you have a large wrist???

(Posted By: Bill Sohne (DC- USA) in the Time Zone Zenith Forum Date: 9/22/01 22:19)

Hi all

One of the biggest handicaps I have when I buy a watch is my wrist size. I am always looking for either long straps or additional links for bracelets that were made 20 or 30 years ago... My wrist is just over 8.25 inches around...

How do you cope with it??

Hi Bill, as we have met on a couple of occasions you know that I too have large wrists. Mine vary from 73/4" to 81/4" depending on: my weight, the season, temperature, my activites, my conditioning, etc. As a matter of fact my TZ Classic (1268) on the Hirsch-EOT Deployant combination was one means of addressing the issue of wearing vintage watches when you have "Bubba" sized wrists, namely the use of long length straps... At some point I'll do a "tour" of inexpensive long length straps and bracelets that I have located on my more recent travels to K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, and Meijer discount stores.

But I have since worked on a similar solution for many bracelets which use the common "Z" shaped type of bracelet... The solution? Japanese parts! JAPANESE PARTS!!!

I had known for a number of years that Citizen watch equiped many of their watches with a bracelet clasp with an extension so that larger sized and thicker wristed folks could wear their watches with the original bracelets without having to purchase additional links.

So I took one of these bracelets to my local Jared Fine Jeweler's and talked to my watch guy there, John Christensen and he researched what Citizen had available and we came up with this:

Tourneau Olive Drab/Olive Drab Tourneau with Citizen Bracelet Extention...

This is a Tourneau 5100 Olive Drab cased/dialed/bracelet watch that I couldn't wear due to the length of the bracelet. This was one of the first watches that I was able to adapt with my new Japanese parts.. I choose to use this picture as you can clearly see what parts of the bracelet are original, and what is added...


Citizen Parts Packet

Citizen Parts Expanded View

Zenith El-Primero Pilot/Diver with Extention, outside view.

Dimensions of extention: 16mm wide by 30mm long

Of course some bracelets present unique problems... One of these was my Zenith Pilot-Diver's that I wished to use the original bracelet on but was unable to because of the length of the bracelet.

At left is a picture of the bracelet from the side with the extention.  

The end result does not look too bad eh? Because of the shape of this bracelet I had to have John custom make two little spacers for me to prevent the link from sliding around. Below is a picture of the underside with the particular pieces annotated where you can see the work that John did with these spacers.

Actually the parts for these spacers came from part of the Z-Clasp, the Citizen Signed outer clasp part went on a Citizen watch which had a shorter clasp, and the extender went on the Zenith... So in this case I was able to upgrade the bracelet's on two watches for a total cost of about $24 (including John's labor for making the spacers).
Pretty cool, eh?
The nice thing about this method is that it's completely reversible should you wish to sell the watch or are later able to locate additional links for the bracelet. Indeed you can even switch the parts from watch to watch if you choose to do so.

So, if you are interested in purchasing these parts and trying out a similar project all you should need to do is print out this document and take it to a Citizen dealer and they should be able to order the part for you. I hope you all find this to be interesting and/or useful...

Good Hunting!

-- Chuck

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