Chuck Maddox

Chuck Maddox was a prolific writer and publisher of information about chronographs, among many other subjects. Chuck died, unexpectedly, on May 12, 2008, at the age of 46. Click here to read a tribute to Chuck, written by Allen St. John and Jeff Stein, as published in the October 2008 issue of International Watch.

About ChronoMaddox

At the time of his death, most of Chuck's online content was hosted on a website with an address as follows -- "". In order to provide more stable hosting and maintenance, in July 2008, all the content of Chuck's XNet account was moved to a newly-created website, with the URL The purpose of is to preserve the information published by Chuck Maddox on his website, in exactly the form in which it existed at the time of Chuck's death. Other than the page that you are reading right now, and the header on the homepage with the link to this page, the content of the website remains exactly as the XNet website stood, at the time of Chuck's death. has been created by friends of Chuck Maddox (including Bill Sohne, Sam Hewitt, Ryan Rooney and Jeff Stein), with the approval of Chuck's family. The information and images included in the website may be used only for informational purposes, and not for any commercial purpose. The ChronoMaddox website and contents © Copyright 2008-09, Estate of Chuck Maddox. All rights reserved; unauthorized copying or use is prohibited.

The ChronoMaddox Discussion Forum

The ChronoMaddox Discussion Forum was created in July 2008, in order to provide assistance to persons exploring the Chuck's files through the ChronoMaddox website and to serve as a gathering place for discussions relating to Chuck's legacy, including his watches, articles, blog posts, discussion forum messages, etc. As described in the Discussion Forum guidelines, this Discussion Forum was established so that readers could:

Through these resources, we hope that collectors and enthusiasts around the world will continue to benefit from Chuck's legacy.

Jeff Stein, July 3, 2008,
updated May 11, 2009