A listing of Zenith Resources on TimeZone

Compiled by Chuck Maddox USA on 2 October 2001,
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The genesis of this document is a post by Miguel Seabra in the new Zenith Forum here on TZ. Here is a segment of Miguel's original post:
Moderator and Zenith in the US of A
Posted By: Miguel Seabra (pbr2.telepac.pt)
Date: 10/2/01 07:06
I would like to ask the moderator to gather all those Zenith articles and features that have been made at TimeZone and put them over here at the Zenith Forum.
[You can read the complete text of Miguel's post by clicking here.]
After communicating with Bill Sohne, TimeZone Zenith Forum Moderator, and acting as quasi-non-official TZZF lackey I went ahead and threw this listing together...

A listing of Zenith Resources on TimeZone

TZ Watch Reviewmaster by TZ Community:

The Stainless-Steel Zenith El Primero Chronomaster by Justin Time

Time Lines by Mike Disher:

Zenith Port Royal V Automatic Chronograph

It's about Time by Mike Disher:

Review: Zenith Class 4 Chronograph

A Vintage Zenith Watch Ad:

A Vintage Zenith Watch Ad

The Horologium: by Walt Odets

The Zenith Chronograph, Part 2 of the article

TZ Classics:

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0085: Non-Visual Pleasures ... The Best and The Worst!
0144: Top 5 Vintage and "Modern" Auto Movements by Mono Magazine
0163: The Race for the First Auto-Chrono Movement
0179: Zenith Tolerance for Movements
0184: List of Swiss Watch Manufacturers
0189: Overview of the Major Houses
0288: Review: Performance of Swiss and Japanese Watches
0367: Watch Emmy Finalists
0437: Why some second hands are not as smooth...
0445: Zenith Class 4 photos
0449: Michael Sandler's Zenith Class 4 Photos
0462: TimeZone Wrap-Up Week 3/22
0549: Impressions from the Basel Fair 99
0684: Differences between Valjoux 7750 and Lémania 5100
0826: My grandfather's Zenith (a long story)…
0960: Which watches are considered good and poor values?
1000: Zenith Class 4 Review
1017: Some commonly asked questions about mechanical watches
1056: Visit to the Zenith Manufacture and La Chaux de Fonds Museum
1086: Review: Zenith Port Royal V Chronograph
1096: Review: Luminor Panerai Chrono Automatic Ref. PAM00052
1111: Reading and Understanding a COSC Certificate
1151: Zenith "Class El Primero" - Double Review (long!!)
1174: Diver's Dream (many scans)
1175: Pressed for Time? (many scans)
1190: Survey Results: What watch are you wearing?
1262: Chronological Review of Pending LMH Sale
1391: Zenith Elite Photo Review
1412: The possible outcome of LMH, before the fact.
1465: Zenith Chronomaster Elite power reserve in RG. The gallery
1534: Common questions and answers for new collectors
1553: How Do I Collect Chronographs??!! (many Pictures)
1622: Far too many watches.
1623: Watch Quality Survey
1627: Watch Quality Survey
1650: Photo Review: Zenith Port-Royal V Elite Dual Time
1657: Watch Pictorials: Patek, Lange, BP, Rolex, Zenith & more...
1703: Entry level inhouse movements
The complete text of Miguel's post:
Moderator and Zenith in the US of A
Posted By: Miguel Seabra (pbr2.telepac.pt)
Date: 10/2/01 07:06
I would like to ask the moderator to gather all those Zenith articles and features that have been made at TimeZone and put them over here at the Zenith Forum.
I am a tennis/golf writer and editor (I also write about watches and translate catalogues into portuguese) that travels a lot troughout the world and wherever I am, I always buy magazines, check out shops and see what's going on with the local watch market.
It used to be fun to visit all those shops in Manhattan, including Time Machine, during the US Open with one of my Zeniths on the wrist. The costumers and the sellers would be very curious and ask me to take a closer look at them. I guess all those years without Zeniths in the US gave you a special apetite for the brand. I haven't been in the US this year -- how is the situation these days? Is that problem with Zenith Computers over? The american ownership of Zenith years ago almost killed the brand; I was told that during the quartz revolution, the american owners wanted to destroy all the old machines used to make the traditional movements, and what saved the company was that some workers refused to obey orders and did hide those machines...
Zenith is a hell of a brand that is finally getting everything it deserves. It is sad that it had to lose its independence, but it is good to be a part of a large luxury group where the money flows. And now Zenith is the manufacture of the LVMH group -- providing its great movements El Primero and Elite to other brands. It has already started with the TAG Heuer Classics Monza...
I've been in Switzerland late August (to visit Audemars Piguet, Renaud & Papi and Paul Picot) and it is clear that they have been investing a lot in advertising with the Zenith brand -- you can see it at the Geneva airport, in the magazines, in the streets. And the portuguese dealer told me that Zenith bought back all the quartz watches (they had a second catalogue, only with quartz watches) to destroy them and reposition the brand within the manufactures and luxury segment.
Prices have also gone up, to a level more compatible with the Zenith pedigree -- you had a lot of other brands with much worse movements more expensive than Zenith. I also heard that, in order to take full advantage of the manufacture experience, a Zenith tourbillon could be on the way (but it takes years), even though the CEO of Zenith (Monsieur François Manfredini himself) told me a couple of years ago that they would stick only with the chronographs and simple complications. I guess Zenith's new status demands something else...

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