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Stephen Bogoff Antique
Stromberg Time
Sugar Antiques (uk)
Swiss Timepieces
Swiss Timepieces
Swiss Watch Co. (uk)
Swiss Watch Exchange
Swiss Watch Works
Three Crowns (sg)
Time after Time
Time Antiques (sg)
Time Classics
Time Factors (uk)
Time Machine
Time Merchants
Time of Switzerland
TimeSetters (uk)
Tony's Chronometers
TT Watchworks
Uhren&Schmuck Brse (a)
Urhen Wellman (de)
Uhrmachermeister (a)
Uhrmageriet (dk)
UK Watches (uk)
Van Gelder Juwelen (nl)
VicsTicTok Vintage
Vintage J. Perez (de)
Vintage Clock & Watch
Vintage Time
Vintage Copenhagen (dk)
Vint. Watchmaker (dk)
Vintage Watch
Vintage WW (ch)
Vis Watch
Wanna Buy a Watch?
Watch 4 Sale
Watch Access
Watch Aficionado
Watch Cat (no)
Watch Commander
Watch Dept
Watchdoc (uk)
Watch Heaven
Watch Me
Watch Store
Watch-Time (de)
Watch To Buy (us, ch)
WatchTrader (nl)
Watchwindow (Zen, uk)
Watch Works Int. (uk)
Watertown W&C Co.
W-B Vintage Pen/Watch
Where Did The Time Go
Windy City Watch
Woody's (Hami)
Wristwatchers Inc.
Write Time
WatchMaster (uk)
Zodiac Watches
AAA Jewelers
Accutron/Tuning Fork
Alan's Vintage Watches
Alte Armbanduhren (de)
A Matter of Time
Ancient Time
Anthony Green (uk)
Antike Uhren Eder (ch)
Antique Vintage
AntiqueWatch-Carese (j)
Antique Watches (ch)
Ant. W's-PrivateEyes (j)
Armadale Watch (au)
Art of Time
Ashton-Blakey (ca, uk)
Austin Kaye (uk)
Australia Vintage (au)
Back in Time Int
Bernard Enterprises
Best of Time
Better Time (sg)
BJSOnline (Rolex, uk)
Bobb Watches (nl)
Bob's Watches
Boomer Time
Bradley Character
Brittons Watches (uk)
Cagi-Due (j)
Central Watch
Chris Balm Vintage (uk)
Chris Fain
Chronothek (a)
Chuan Watch (sg)
Clemens vonHalem (de)
Colette's Vintage
Collector's Time Gallery
Collector's World (uk)
Comic Charater
Cool Vintage Watches
Cotton-Tail (j)
CR Vintage Watch
Christian Veltman (se)
Dallas Time
Darlor Restorations (ca)
Dashto Horo. Serv. (ch)
Dee's character watches
Dells Watch (Acc.)
Derek Molnor Vintage
Dirk B. Bierman (de)
Dominio (nl)
Don Levison Antiques
Don Meyer VTW, Inc.
Eddy's WatchPage (ch)
EMW Watch Repair
Equation of Time
Era L'ora (it)
European Watch Co.
Faszination (ch)
Ferretti Watches (it)
Ferntree Gully (au)
Fine Time (tw)
Finer Times Search
Finest Watches
Fine Wristwatches
First Cash (pawn, us)
Fletcher's Clock & Watch
Gaemers (nl)
Gena's Vintage (uk)
Gillis Vintage Watches
Girard's Vintage
Gisbert A. Joseph (e)
GoldnTime (watchmkrs)
Gray and Sons
Grimmeissen (de)
Heirloom Gallery (sg)
Horol International (j)
Horloge Platform (nl)
H. Williams Pawn (ca)
Ian Blowers (uk)
IM time (Hebdomas, us)
Intermarket Orologi (it)
J.A. Meyer
Jpn. Mech. Chrono (j)
Jewel Avenue
John Baer (watchmaker)
J & P Timepieces
Jud Industries, Inc.
JW Watch (sg)
Katoso Vint. Trade (hk)
Kenji Homma's (j)
Kupfer Jewelry
Lad Marketing
Manbodh watches (nl)
Modesto Horology
MontresdeCollection (ch)
Montresol (ca)
N. Bloom & Son (uk)
N. Eng. Watch Repair
New York Time
Northern Time (ca)
Old Father Time (Acc.)
Old World Jewelers
Orologi (it)
Passions (sg)
Paul Duggan
P. Cyrlin & Co. (uk)
Pendulum (th)
Phillips Clock Shop (uk)
Pieces of Time (uk)
PM Time Service
Potma Edelmetaal (nl)
Presskit (j)
Prime Watches
Question of Time
Ralf Haffner (de)
Ranfft Uhren (de)
RB Watch
René Rondeau (Hami)
Right Time
RLT Repair (uk)
Rogers Fine Time (dk)
Roma Design
R&S Vintage Watches
Sam's Rolex (it)
Sam's Watches
Schmeltzer (de)
Seven After
Shellman (j)
Silver Magic (ch)
MoonWatch Timepieces
National Watch Exch.
SK Watch
Soltime (ch)

There are a lot of links here on this page. I do not and have not done business with more than a small fraction of the firms listed on this page. Their inclusion here is not and should not be read as any sort of endorsement or recommendation. About the only requirement for inclusion on this page is that I will not include links to any site which offers FAKE or COUNTERFEIT watches, and I am increasingly less likely to include links to sites which concentrate on products which I have no interest in.

BEFORE you consumate any deal, it is up to YOU to perform due diligence, it is not my job or duty to perform it for you. If you are not buying a watch directly from the firm who makes it or their authorized dealers or agents, you are conducting business with the individual/firm on your own with only the legal recourse that applicable law may [or may NOT] provide. I am neither a lawyer nor negotiator nor abitraitor, do not expect me to become involved if some transaction you've entered into goes sour.

Have fun, but be careful out there!