Valjoux Calibre 72 Series Chronograph Service Manual
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Recently I obtained a Valjoux calibre 72, 72x, 88 Service Manual in English via an eBay auction. I am presenting scans of this document under "Fair Use" provisions in the copyright code in the hopes of helping people keep their Valjoux 72 Series movement chronographs alive and running well!


Page: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Afterword.

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Unlike similar offerings of Service Manuals this one has a 1953 copyright. I believe that my offering of these images falls under the "Fair Use" provisions of the US Copyright law for noncommercial, educational use. If the holders of the original copyright which to contact me on this posting I will be happy to respond appropriately... Thus one should treat these images are subject to "Fair Use", and not sell them commercially and only use them to educate themselves and or to keep these movement operational and running properly. Do not offer copies of these scans for sale as that would most certainly be an outright violation of copyright law and it's not nice.

Keep those Valjoux 72's, 72c's, 72x's, 88's and 23's alive and running right!

-- Chuck