A “Chuck’s tip” for Collectors: Spring Bars...
I ordered some links today for a bracelet for a watch I had bought a while back. The watch, while not in Mint, Near Mint or New shape was in pretty good shape. Now I always scrutinize a watch before I go out the door wearing it, especially if I'm going to be doing anything near hard surfaces and usually I replace certain components, just in case if I have any reason to suspect the reliability of the component in question.
In this instance, since the bracelet was so short, I hadn't bothered to do the inspection until today. Here is what I found (the two on the right)...
Which one's would you like to be on your several Hundred/Thousand Dollar watch, keeping in mind that they are the only things holding your watch to your wrist?
Actually these springbars were in much more usable shape than many I see, but when you can get brand new high quality springbars very cheaply in quantity 100 lots, doesn't it make sense to inspect the springbar's on any watch you buy before you wear it?
Food for though...
-- Chuck
P.S. Be sure to check all of the spring bars at the clasp end too!!!

Chuck Maddox

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