Sony ICF - SW1

Repair Instruction


Fault description:

The audio is distorted (buzz, growl)
but crystal clear through the earphone jack

This repair instruction fixes only this problem!
This is a common problem with most SW1

required tools:

small screwdriver for slotted head screws
soldering iron with small cone, solder
sharp knife, pliers or tweezers
and a slow hand !!

Duration: ca 1 h

Cost: ca. 1 Euro

Components: 2 capacitors 22µF / 16V tantalum
( 10V or 25V also possible - check dimension!)

Optional a 3mm super bright white LED (ca. 1 Euro)


Open all three screws

Pull upward the volume control adjuster to find the third screw. Remove the black plastic film.

Take care when you open the casing. Handle the fixations with care.

Remove the black cover.

Desolder the black and grey cables:
"BR" = speeker right connection
"A2" = speeker left connection
Three ground connections on the third soldering point

Dismantle the antenna / aerial

Remove the screws inside the battery case

Lift up inner life.

Remove three screws, push upward and fold to the right.

Remove three screws, open the fixation and fold downwards.

Remove the plastic bolt.

Desolder these two SMD-capacitors.

Heat up the solder points left and right of the SMD-capacitors and remove the capacitors.
Remember the polarity! The view of the printed circuit board is switched by 180°

Solder the new capacitors. Remember the polarity!
It is easier to solder the capacitors in upright position. Bend them afterwards.

After soldering run the cables in original position.

Once you opened the SW1 it makes sense to change the dark green LED
to a new super bright white LED. Remember the polarity!

Assemble all parts and be careful with the switches ON/OFF, LIGHT and TONE.

Get this instruction as a PDF-File for a nominal charge.

You need a helping hand for the repair?

Don't hesitate to contact me for shipping the spare parts.

You could repair your SW1?
Donations welcome.




Letter to the editor:

Hello. With your instruction I easily repaired my receiver ..... Thank you very
much for your solution. Anatoly, Moscow, Russia


I could just fix my veteran Sony SW1 based on your guide - after a few years
of inoperation. Excellent piece of work - Thanks. Danke.


Hi, thanks for the clear instruction & pictures; a small donation will follow.
I'm a novice to electronical work, but can suggest 2 things on the SW1
1.) The 3 screews on the initial back opening; should note that 1 is a machined
thread and the other is a wood thread for re-assembly.
(Note: Some SW1 have two machined thread screews! Depends on creation date)
2.) More importantly - when soldering in the new caps I spent a lot of time trying to
discern exactly where they go by studying your photos. You see. I was looking for
holes from where the old ones came from, but in reality, its just an open space or
field where they go, at least I thought so and it seems to work fine now. (Note:
SMD based motherboards have no holes for fixation) Thanks Danny.