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Hello TimeZoners,
The Omega Ranchero, a watch that has the looks and lineage of the Speedmaster, Railmaster and the Seamaster 3oo. Unlike its big brothers the Ranchero was a simple manual wind time only waterproof snapback case.
The Ranchero was offered in both a sub seconds ( See photos ) and sweep seconds. Black dial or silvered I am currently looking for photo of a sweep second example if you have one please let me know. The movement that was used in the Ranchero was Omega's famous "30 mm " hence the dial is also signed 30 mm. The Sub-seconds versions I have examined had either a 267 or 268 caliber movement with case reference CK 2990 (see photos). The Sweep second version would have a caliber 284 and a case reference of CK 2996. The Caseback is stamped "WATERPROOF" .
What caught my eye on the Ranchero is the case construction. Most of the snap back cases being made actually snapped over the center section of the case. But the Ranhero's Caseback is different, it is totally flat to the edge where a tall lip snaps into the case center and it even has a gasket in the inside wall of the case to insure it is waterproof. I have not seen this snap back design before.
Just about anyone who sees a Ranchero likes it. Omega hit a home run with a simple 36 mm waterproof snapback case. An easy to read Explorer style dial , the caliber 30 mm Omega movement and the Arrow head hour hand ( like one used on the Speedmaster, Railmaster and Seamaster 3oo) is a combo that's hard to beat.
Good Hunting
Bill Sohne

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