Obtaining/Making NASA-Style Velcro Straps...
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on 24 October 2006, 16:00 GMT
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On Oct 23, 2006 @ 09:06 AM, Dashipa queried on TimeZone Omega forum on how to make one's own Velcro Strap for a Speedmaster. As this is a commonly asked question, I thought it worthwhile to archive my reply (with some additions from others within the thread.

dashipa Posts: How can I make my own velcro strap for my speedy? [Oct 23, 2006 - 09:06 AM]

I'll share with y'all four paths to Velcro straps... Two you can buy and use as is, two you can DIY/roll your own...

I'd buy one but cant seem to find just a simple velcro strap with a metal loop attached......thanks in advance!!!

First: Purchase one... Jürgen from Germany has been known to carry the offical Omega ones for $65 [but I think that's before shipping]. Otto Frei [I know it's a no-no to link commerical sites, but TZ has had hard-wired direct links or the ofrei.com site in the past so I'm doin' it!] also carries them at $45 US (before shipping I'm sure).

Depending upon where you live, one seller might be more attractive than the other...

Secondly: Many firms sell velcro straps for securing cables. Micro Center Westmont carried these for a long time:

Seek these out from a local store or the manufacturer... Get the 12"er's because the 8"er's are too short for all but a kid's wrist!

These have a black nylon [instead of Stainless Steel] loop/ring and are very basic/cheap and well... while not exactly NASA spec, but you can't beat the price! I forget how many came in a package. I think a dozen, but even if it's a half dozen it's just over a $1 a piece even with adding in sales tax!

Third: Roll your own via the NASA Blueprints as posted on my Blog courtesy of Bob Lacy [click on the link to gain access to full sized scans of the original NASA blueprints...]

Lastly: Follow the DIY instructions hosted by myself and created/made available by Curtis... Or view the .jpgs I've created Page 1 2 3 ...

Hopefully, you have paths worth exploring. I'll try to archive this post as a linkable document on my site as soon as I can for future reference...

In follow up posts:

Chris V. mentioned that "TZ Forum member, "gasgasbones" will also make one for you, but is located in the UK."

gasgasbones Posts: Re: How can I make my own velcro strap for my speedy? [Oct 24, 2006 - 06:03 AM]

Hi all

yep, i do make them, i sell them as a pair, as a wearable strap for your speedy and with a moon strap version for fun in one package.the small version is tailored to your wrist size. I have had a few TZ sales and had great fdbk for them.

thanks to all previous puchasers.

pm me if interested.

Cheers all

GasGasBones.com Website...

quatre_temps mentioned that: Jayson (y2keable) [who's also out of England] sells them once in awhile. Maybe PM him and see if he knows. [nt] 

Those are the possibilities I am aware of at this time...

-- Chuck

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