Odds & Ends… Other items from a Preston Distributors mail packet from 1969
Presented by Chuck Maddox
on 21 Februarry 2003 03:00 GMT,
Last Revision 21 Februarry 2003 03:00 GMT

The third of three brochures from Preston Distributors in March 1969. These items were also included with a packet of information sent to David Alstott by Preston Distributors. The other items also included in this packet were:
O&W Selectron Slide Rule Chronograph Instructions and Presenting the famous O&W Precision Sport Watches. These items were graciously lent by David Alstott to me for the purpose of sharing with the greater internet community. WARNING! These prices are enough to make one cry!

  Price Sheet:

  What is a Chronograph?

  Breitling Navitimer 806:

  Breitling Navitimer/Cosmonaute:

  O&W Chronographs:

  O&W Dress Chronograph:

  DeSotos Recording Chronographs:

  Return Envelope (probably long obsolete):

   Acknowledgements / Statement of fair usage...

As with most instruction manuals and catalogs, no copyright is present on the instruction booklet. Since Preston Distributors did not claim copyright, I feel I can not as well. Thus the only stipulations placed on this document that it not be used fraudulently. In other words, don't misrepresent printout's of this document or scans as an orginal manual... That's fair usage...

I'd like to once again thank David Alstott for his gracious loaning of this material so that it could be shared with the greater Internet community.


-- Chuck