Heuer/TAG-Heuer & Tourneau
Lemania 5100 & Valjoux 7750
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Question about this Heuer Chronograph. Not an Omega, but does anyone (Chuck?) knows something about this Heuer model? Movement and so?

Yes! I know a bit about these... Yea!!! =)

Heuer made these from the late 1970's on through the transition to TAG-Heuer. I have both Heuer and TAG-Heuer editions of essentially this same watch. The model you are looking at is a 510.503 which is a Pewter Dial/Pewter colored Parkerized Finish Stainless Steel. Heuer and TAG-Heuer made the following varieties:

Model #:



Black Dial / Stainless Steel Finish


Black Dial / Black PVD Finished Stainless


Olive Drab Dial / Olive Drab PVD Finished Stainless Steel Case/Bracelet


Pewter (Silver) Dial / Pewter PVD Finished Stainless Steel Case/Bracelet


Black "Carrera" Dial / Black PVD Finished Stainless Cushion Case/Bracelet


Black "Carrera" Dial / Stainless Steel Cushion Case/Bracelet


A.M.I. 3H Military Version in a SS "Montreal" style case


Black Dial / Black PVD Finished Stainless with Special Boxing readout Bezel

The "510" refers to the movement, in these cases the Lemania 5100. So these are in essence the Heuer/TAG Heuer equivalent to the Omega Speedmaster Automatic Day-Date c.1045 line, sans the Day feature on some examples (I've seen both Day and Day-Date examples of the .500, .501, .502 but not the .503 or the .523...).

So for all extents and purposes Heuer/TAG-Heuer's operate in the same manner and have the same capabilities of their Omega counterparts, however In my opinion Heuer does a much better job making the dials easy to read than Omega does with the exception of the 376.0822 Moonwatch Cased c.1045. Which is the equal or better of any Lemania 5100 based watch ever made.

In addition, Heuer also made these model watches under contract with "Tourneau" on the dial. I have a Black Dial / Black PVD Tourneau (My first Vintage watch purchase via eBay!) with 510.503 on the case back, and a OD/OD Tourneau with 510.502 on the case back.

Interestingly enough, Heuer also made Valjoux 7750 based chronograph's with the same case... The Pasadena is marked "750-50 then a carriage return then 280 SL" and the non-Pasadena is marked "750-501" which is very consistent with the numbers for the 510.xxx series in the table above.

Here are some pictures of some of the examples in my collection:

Tourneau 510.502
Pasadena "750-50 280SL"
Heuer Carrera 5100 "510.523"
Should be self explanatory! =)
510.543 (A.M.I. 3H Military issue).

Ref. 510.547 Boxing:

Automatic chronograph for at boxkaempfen. Without battery. Clock function: Second hand with permanent course on left dial: Pointer with 24-Stunden-Zyklus on upper dial. Stop watch function: The center minuten-zeiger counts the rounds on the increased scale: Organization 15 x 3 minutes, with the tracing of 1 minute. The second hand in the center counts the seconds on the scale 0-60; crossing 0 means the signal of the gong. 12-Strunden-Zaehler on the lower dial. Stainless steel housing flat black, anti-reflecting, waterproof to 100m. date, large leuchtzeiger. Mineral glass. Anti-reflecting flat black steel bracelet, black dial.

510.547 from a 1986 TAG- Heuer catalog (courtesy Jeff Stein / OnTheDash.com)

Using the two second measuring systems (permanent second and center second in Stoppurhfunktion) one can further pursue the current time during the second stop. Example: Round interruption.


Heuer Automatic Chronograph Instruction Manual for Lemania 5100:


And I've also not understood the 24 hrs dial yet. Is it a true GMT dial or not?

The 24-Hour dial indicates military time on the main dial hands. I think I explained this fairly well in the Omega c.1045 article where I say:
I've talked to dealers who have said that Omega sold a lot of these models to European ex-patriot's living in Latin America. Among the big selling points are that the 24-Hour dial would allow them to figure out what time it was at "home" by adding the time difference with their home country.

So if I wanted to find out what time it is in London (+5 for me currently) and I'm wearing the Heuer Carrera 5100 above I would take the "10" on the 24-Dial, and add +5 and get 15:33... But the 24-Hour hand will only indicate GMT if the watch is set to GMT time.

To summarize, these Heuer's/TAG-Heuer's and Tourneau's were competing products for Omega's c.1045 line. They too are very cool chronographs. I feel the quality is very good to excellent and are well worth consideration if you like chronographs.

I'll be happy to answer other question to the best of my ability.

I hope this helps!

Cheers and enjoy!

-- Chuck