(Some of a) 1984 Heuer Watch Catalog

   Compiled and presented by
Chuck Maddox
on 13 March 2002, 16:00 GMT
Last updated on 5 May 2003 22:01 GMT
Front Cover
Technical Guide "functions" and "display"
Split, Digital_Display_Stopwatches
Aviation, Aviation_(continued)
Price Sheet
Back Cover

Occasionally there is such a thing as a free lunch, or at least a free snack... Recently on eBay a seller posted a Heuer Timer Catalog from the 1984 for auction and posted a number of scans. As a result of these scans the seller got a large sum for what originally was a freebie catalog. I have reason to believe that many pages weren't scanned, including most of the price sheet. You can't expect 7-course meal for free... Since no copyright was claimed and watch companies rarely copyright selling materials, I claim no copyright either. I present these for your education and enjoyment.

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-- Chuck