Die Quartz Chronographen - TAG-Heuer
Presented by Chuck Maddox on 29 May 2003,
Last Revised: 3 June 2003, 20:21 GMT
Certain Rights Reserved...

Panel: 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Afterword.

Recently I purchased a slew of product literature from a seller in Germany via eBay. As there is no copyright on this documents I will be presenting scans of these documents in the hopes of helping people learn more of the history of this great Swiss watch brand.

Like most eight-panel catalogs, this Heuer catalog is laid out on a single sheet of stock folded twice. In order to preserve the intended order of viewing, I'm displaying what I call "Panel 6" first and then the other panels in sequence. The actual layout of the four-color printed catalog is diagramed below:

Catalog Diagram  

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Panel 6: Cover

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Panel 1:

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Panel 2:

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Panel 3:

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Panel 4:

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Panel 5:

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As with most instruction manuals and catalogs, no copyright is present on this catalog. Since Heuer didn't claim copyright, I feel I can not as well. The only stipulations that placed on this document that it not be used fraudulently (in other words, do not misrepresent printout's of this document or scans as an orginal)...

-- Chuck