A 1964 Heuer Catalog  
 Compiled and presented by Chuck Maddox
on 21 January 2003, 19:55 GMT
Last updated on 5 May 2003, 19:55 GMT

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I purchased this 1964 Heuer Chronograph Catalog off of eBay in the summer of 2002 as part of my contribution to a joint article I was collaborating on with Matthias Liebe-Kleymann on the History of the Heuer Carrera. The size and scope of that article is large enough that it is difficult for people with modest internet access to view. So I am spliting off that portion of the article in a separate file...

 Catalog Overview:

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This is the layout of the catalog. It is printed back to back so if you took this row of pictures folded it in half you would have the layout. But for means of this presentation I will display the elements out of order...

-- A Heuer Carrera Catalog printed in 1964

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As with most instruction manuals and catalogs, no copyright is present on the booklet. Since Heuer didn't claim copyright, I feel I can not as well. The only stipulations that I place on this document that it not be used fraudulently (in other words, do not misrepresent printout's of this document or scans as an orginal manual) and that images not be linked directly into my webspace...

-- Chuck