Breitling Herbst 1973 Catalog in German
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I recently picked up this Breitling Geneve Herbst 1973 catalog off of As catalogs do not have copyright expressed on it, I am presenting it here for the educational use of Breitling collectors everywhere.

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As the source materials of these scans have no copyright expressed on them, I consider them in the public domain. So they may be used freely. However... it is always morally, ethically, legally and polietly important that these scans not be used fraudulently or be misrepresented as genuine documents... It occurs to me that someone with a talent with Desktop publishing tools could use these scans to produce convincing replicas of original documents. Please don't... It is also a common courtesy to inform people whom you print out copies of these scans of the source of these documents. I and the other people who have contributed these materials in good faith would appreciate your respecting the spirit of these thoughts. Any commentary within this document are all rights reserved by the author.


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Larger Scans of these pages are located in this folder...


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