This is the seed of a potential article on Anniversary Model Speedmaster Moonwatches. I wrote the response to the request of Jeff for information on 10th Anniversary Speedmaster Questions. Thus far with the brief exception of a short response on the 20th Anniversary Moonwatch (from an email request for information) tacked on at the end, it only concerns 10th Anniversary models. -- Chuck (10 Sep 2001)

Speedmaster 10th Anniversary questions

What is engraved on the back of a 10th Anniversary Moonwatch? What color is the dial/subdials? What material is the case/bezel/bracelet? Why is there so little information about this model?

Hiya, Jeff...

Well, it's really hard to say because it's confusing! There appear to be as many as 5 different versions according to the Time Capsule... Let's take your questions one at a time:

What is engraved on the back of a 10th Anniversary Moonwatch?

I don't know but it seems that many of the 10th Anniversary Moonwatches may have been display backs of some sort... At least the Time Capsule lists then as Display backs...

What color is the dial/subdials?

Well this is where some of the confusion comes in...

Gatefold Section of the TC:

Omega Speedmaster Family Section of TC:

ST345.0808 Black Dial Stainless c.863 on bracelet

ST345.0808 Black Dial Stainless w/pink gold c.863 movement

BC145.0039 Silver Dial White Gold c.863 on strap...

BA145.0039 Yellow Gold c.861L Rhodium-plated mechanism

BA 345.0802 Yellow Dial Yellow Gold c.863 on bracelet

BA145.0039 Yellow Gold c.861L Rhodium-plated mechanism

BA345.0039 Yellow Gold c.861L Rhodium-plated mechanism, Bracelet

BA345.0039 Yellow Gold c.861L Rhodium-plated mechanism, Bracelet

So we have a Stainless, White Gold and Yellow Gold mentioned in the Gatefold, all with c.863 movements. And in the Speedmaster Family section we have the Stainless Steel version with the c.863 Gilt movement, and 4 Yellow Gold Versions with the Rhodium v.861L version...

This is only one of the examples that illustrate that depending on the Time Capsule for clear and canon information is problematic at best...

All of the dials are the colors indicated and the sub's are the same color as the dial...

What material is the case/bezel/bracelet?

Ok, Apparently there are Stainless, Yellow and White Gold versions all with Black Bezels and the Gold versions were apparently available from Bienne on both strap and bracelet.

Why is there so little information about this model?

Well, because the information that is out there is confusing at best. I do have one little thread of hope that I can extend...

K J O'Brien recently purchased a 10th Anniversary model from Eric Katoso. Here is a snippet of his watch:


Subject: 10 th anniversary Moon Watch

Chuck>the watch I can tell you,is serial # 255 out of 500 original.The movement,an 861,bears serial #48224xxx with the caseback # 145022.It has a black face with the subdials in gold {so its 2-tone}.The large hands are plain moon syle and the small hands on the subdials are black.I had first seen it at Katoso's web site... ... The watch has a gold bezel,gold pushers and a gold crown.The bracelet is a leather strap and not the 2-tone gold and ss that I remember with these watches.

Now, interestingly enough, an auction that Eric held (where reserve wasn't met) is still on ebay a month and a half later... So I've grabbed it and reproduced the pertentent information here:

OMEGA Stainless Steel / Gold 2-TONE "SPEEDMASTER" Ref.ST.145022 LIMITED EDITION (500 pcs) Manual Wind MOONWATCH. Circa 1979. (VERY RARE & COLLECTABLE)

Dial : Signed and original black dial with GOLD sub-dial appears to be in MINT condition. Hands are all original and Excellent condition as shown. Luminous marks are very slightly aged (turned slight yellow).

Case : Signed and original stainless steel case with original Gold bezel, crown and pushers appears to be in good condition with minor scratches from wear. A few tiny nick marks near the edges of the case. Never been polished. Signed and original screw back cover with case reference ST145022 on the inside and ordinary Moonwatch markings on the outside + the limited edition nos. 255/500 (Watch was picked up from a private collector á year ago). Overall case condition is GOOD / Excellent.

Size Measured = 40mm without lugs and crown.

Movement : Signed and original 17 Jewels Cal.861 movement is nice and clean as shown. Movement Ref. 48224xxx (As shown on Photo).

Remarks : As far as I have been told this model was made in a quantity of 500 pcs in 1979 for the 10th ANNIVERSARY of the Moon Landing Mission by NASA. From my point of view this is quite a collectable model and besides the watch is quite outstanding in terms of itís look. Please feel free to write and ask for more info.

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See why I'm confused? =) Here is another one that the Time Capsule doesn't mention!

This is the sum total I know on the subject. I'd recommend you contact K.J. and/or Eric and see what additional light they can shed on the subject. Realize that Eric is in Hong Kong, so replys will take time and I believe that, how do I put this politely..., Eric's first language is Chinese not English. I've had a number of pleasant, but short email conversations with Eric, he does know and can write English, but it's best to write clearly to minimize confusion! That's ok, my English is only coarsely passible and I really can't speak or write anything else!

Cheers and good luck on your quest for information on the 10th!

-- Chuck

P.S. I'll probably save/archive/host/maintain/update this posting on my site. so if you learn more, let me know and I'll update it!

Speedmaster 20th Anniversary questions:

I have a quick question regarding the inscription on the side the the Sppedmaster Pro 20th Anniv. case. Within your FAQ on pricing and models, you state that on the side is engraved Appolo XI and XXXX/XXXX for the limited edition number. I have been considering buying one of these watches which clearly has "Apollo XI, 1969" on the side. Is this a fluke and the watch in question is actually #1969 of 2000?.

Nope, there are at least two variations of the 20th... One series of 2000 for the US and Germany and a second (non-limited edition hence no serial) for the rest of the world...

Here are some pictures of my 20th Anniversary Model (1169/2000) by itself and with some friends...



 -- Chuck